University of Wisconsin–Madison


Peer-Reviewed Publications  (in Review):

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Peer-Reviewed Publications (Published or Accepted):

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Technical Reports:

  • Wright, D.B., Methods in Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment, Technical Notes developed under the World Bank LCR Probabilistic Risk Assessment Program (CAPRA), The World Bank, 2016.
  • Wright, D.B., C.L. Linero, M.C. Rogelis. The 24 December 2013 Christmas Eve Storm in Saint Lucia: Hydrometeorological and Geotechnical Perspectives, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Disaster Risk Management and Urban Development Unit, The World Bank, 2014.
  • Government of Saint Lucia and the World Bank, Saint Lucia Joint Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment: Flood Event of December 24–25, 2013, World Bank Group, 66 pp. 2014.

Popular Media Contributions:

  • Wright, D.B., “The Future Of Wisconsin’s Infrastructure Amid Historic Flooding,” interview, Wisconsin Public Radio, November 1, 2019.
  • Wright, D.B., “Risks to the Yahara Watershed in Light of Dane County’s August Flooding,” interview, Wisconsin Public Radio, October 10, 2018.
  • Wright, D.B., “What Could Happen the Next Time Madison Gets Hit By Extreme Rainfall,” WisContext, October, 2018.
  • Wright, D.B., “Shelter from the Storm: Urban Floods in Latin América,” Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica Sección ü, June 2013.